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Because shellebelle93 asked for it


Before the End

This should give you an idea of what happens to me before JK Rowling says h311ybean is wrong.

I was supposed to invite people to the farm this week, but circumstances beyond my control made it impossible. There's still time after that, right?



I think this one is quite fitting:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Highness Bear_brand the Amicable of Lower Wombleshire
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Wouldn't it be nice...

...if someone did a version of Shrek with me as Shrek and blanche_malfoy as Princess Fiona?

(And hex316 as the donkey?)


dogstar_academy: A Date With Blanche

Being an owl, Gryffudd ordinarily didn't like being up and about during the daytime, but his master was a good sort so he didn't mind doing the occasional special favor. Besides, the person to whom he was making the delivery was very nice, too. Maybe she would give him a treat.

So the owl flew to Blanche's windowsill, with the following note tied to his leg:

Dear Blanche,

I know you've been busy with all your letters and preparing for the trip we will all be taking this summer, but I supposed it would be good for you to take a breather. Would you like to go out with me tonight? We could go to the cinema and have a bite to eat in a Muggle restaurant afterwards.


Upon reaching the windowsill, Gryffudd tapped on the pane to get the occupant's attention.



Happy Birthday, hex316!!!

From Peter and Maeve :)

dogstar_academy: I'm Stepping Out

Peter sat down at his battered kitchen table with quill, inkpot and three pieces of parchment.

His first note was for Blanche.

Hullo, Blanche.

I was wondering if you have time to go on that outing to Muggle London that we discussed before we left for New York. Now that that business is over, I find that I have some free time and think that it would be nice to finally get a good look around (and maybe buy some materials for Mary Frances' boxes). Please let me know when you are free so I can coordinate schedules with the others.


After writing similar notes to Hex and Maeve, Peter summoned Gryffudd to deliver them.



Dear Friends,

This is to let you know that this journal will now be used partly for roleplay in dogstar_academy. I was going to filter the entries so that only Dogstar members could access them, but decided otherwise (unless sosirius recommends it). I thought it would be nice to let others see what I'm doing while waiting for h311ybean to get back to work on SLAFD, and maybe encourage you to join the game ;-)

So whenever you see "dogstar_academy" or "Dogstar Academy" in the title, please feel free to read the entry, but don't comment unless you are a player.




I have a face!

When I Grow Up

When I grow up and leave Hogwarts, I will definitely take over my family's farm, but at the same time I think it would be nice if I could also draw a comic strip for the Daily Prophet :) The characters will be animals, of course, but I still have to think about what kind they would be. (I think it would be great if one of them were a badger.)

And the strip would be very successful, too. maevemoon says that I could also make quite a bit of money from merchandising. (The stuff would come free, of course, for my nephew and nieces - hex316 and Maeve's brood.)