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Thinking: The talking of the soul with itself

A bear's life

Peter Brandegoris
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  • bear_brand@livejournal.com
6', brown hair, gray eyes. Only child with two parents.

I think I look a lot like my mother, but act more like my father.

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User Number: 1364850
Date Created:10/02/2003
Number of Posts: 40

Peter is a teenage wizard who grew up on a magical farm in Wales. He is quiet, likes to draw and be around animals. His Animagus form is the brown bear.
Strengths: Physical strength, affinity for animals, skill at Transfiguration.
Weaknesses: Can be controlling at times, has a bad temper if provoked.
Special Skills: Handling of magical creatures, Transfiguration and Animagic.
Weapons: Wand - oak, 14", with a core of phoenix feather (not from Fawkes)
Pet Peeves: Disorder, shoddy work, dishonesty, mistreatment of animals.

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